About P3 & ME!

My name is Maureen Cesari, I am a licensed K-12 Art Educator with over 20 years of experience teaching art to children.  I love art!  I love
to make art, and I love to teach art!  I have a passion for building creativity in children.  I believe a passionate child is a happy child and  passionate children grow into young adults with confidence and purpose.  

Visual Art is an important tool kids can use to process the world around them.  The arts are important for children's development during the simplest of times but, with the ever changing and stressful times we are living in, the importance of the arts has been multiplied.  For these reasons I have decided to make studio art classes more accessible for students.  By creating a virtual online studio, I am providing needed instruction and small group attention for students, as well as giving parents a safe and convenient way for their children to flex their creative muscles.

Students who participate in Paint, Paper, Paste Classes and Camps
will be exposed to high quality art materials such as watercolors and acrylic paints, oil pastels, colored pencil, paper, and clay.  My goal is
to foster children's creativity while also giving them the tools to create their own individual works of art!

These classes are an opportunity for students who are inspired by
the arts to express their ideas, build their skills, and explore more advanced mediums and techniques.  
Students will not be assembling crafts or making quick drawings each week. Rather, they will be working on mastering new techniques or mediums and creating an advanced, original piece of art. Classes are kept small so that each artist may receive individual attention. 

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